15 Spellbinding Witchy Fiction Books (Cozy & Spooky)

Witches are fascinating characters in fiction, from Harry Potter to Wicked to spooky witch novels. Whether you’re in the mood for something cozy and heartwarming or something creepier and more Halloween-esque, you’ll find some of the best fiction books with witches below!

cozy and spooky witchy fiction books

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Cozy Witch Novels

If you’re looking for a sweet, lighter read with witchy magic (without the horror elements), these cozy witch books are a perfect choice!

Many of these stories focus on magic being used for good, embracing being “different”, and found-family characterization. These spellbinding novels range from magical realism to cozy fantasy and beyond.

The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches by Sangu Mandanna

The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches book cover

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Romance

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A lonely witch who’s been forced into hiding her entire life receives a message one day, inviting her to teach magic at a school called Nowhere House.

There, she meets a host of interesting characters – including the prickly librarian – and eventually starts to feel like she belongs. But soon, the school and everyone who lives there are threatened.

The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman

The Rules of Magic book cover

Genre: Historical Fiction/Magical Realism

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If you’ve read the book Practical Magic (or seen the movie), this is a must-read prequel!

It follows the Owens children (including the aunts from Practical Magic – Jet and Franny) as they grow up in New York during the 1960s, and begin to grow into their magical powers.

The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Romance

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After a horrible breakup, Vivienne Jones drowns her tears with vodka and bubble baths, and, of course, by cursing her ex. She doesn’t expect it to do much other than cause him a little strife – like a bad hair day.

Fast forward nine years. Her ex is back in town, bringing a string of calamities in his wake and causing problems all over town. Vivienne realizes her hex may have been stronger than she anticipated. She’ll have to work with her ex if she has any chance of saving her beloved town.

Payback’s a Witch by Lana Harper

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Romance

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John Tucker Must Die meets The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in this revenge story about a witch who returns to her hometown for a magical tournament, only to run into the woman that her ex-boyfriend also scorned.

With the help of her best friend, the trio of women band together to channel their creativity into well-deserved payback.

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Hex Hall book cover

Genre: YA Fantasy

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This young adult fantasy is set at a boarding school for witches and paranormal creatures.

A quick synopsis: After Sophie Mercer discovers she’s a witch, she’s sent to a reform school for witches, faeries, and shapeshifters on the East Coast, called Hex Hall. After her first day, she’s already made multiple enemies and has a vampire for a roommate.

But soon, Sophie learns that students are being attacked, and a secret society is hell-bent on taking out people like her.

Spooky Books with Witches

I’ve always been a lover of spooky reads, even when it isn’t Halloween – I just have to be in the right mood for it! And, unsurprisingly, some of the best spooky books feature witches.

These witch novels feature some darker elements, including spooky things that go bump in the night. They’re especially perfect for Halloween, but can still be read year-round!

This list includes a mix of horror novels, spooky mystery/thriller books, and fantasy novels with darker themes (i.e. that wouldn’t be considered ‘cozy’).

For a similar reading vibe, check out these Gothic fantasy novels and these modern Gothic novels (non-fantasy)!

The Change by Kirsten Miller

The Change book cover

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Mystery

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Three Long Island women undergo unexpected changes on the cusp of mid-life. As new powers awaken within them, they’re pulled to investigate the mysterious death of a teenage girl who was found on the beach.

When more bodies are discovered, the trio of women discover a shocking secret hidden within their very town.

The Witching Hour by Anne Rice

The Witching Hour book cover

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Horror

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From the bestselling author of the Vampire Chronicles comes an epic saga following multiple generations of a family of witches – the Mayfair family.

This witchy novel is the first book in this popular series, and definitely gives off spooky season/autumnal vibes!

The Lighthouse Witches by C.J. Cooke

Genre: Gothic Horror/Urban Fantasy

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A woman and her three daughters move into a lighthouse on a remote Scottish island. When two of her daughters suddenly go missing, the mother searches for them – to no avail.

Instead, all she gleans from the locals are tales of wildlings (i.e. changelings), and a discovery of a creepy cave beneath the lighthouse that supposedly has ties to witchcraft.

More than twenty years later, the third sister returns to the island to search for her missing mother and sisters. She’s shocked to find one of her sisters – but, somehow, the girl hasn’t aged a day.

Weyward by Emilia Hart

Weyward book cover

Genre: Historical Fantasy/Magical Realism

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Spanning multiple centuries, Weyward follows the stories of misunderstood women, from a woman who’s hunted as a witch in the 1600s to a modern-way woman discovering her ties to the power of the natural world.

(This isn’t a super spooky or scary book, but it does have some themes that wouldn’t be considered ‘cozy’.)

Cackle by Rachel Harrison

Genre: Horror

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After a bad breakup, a woman named Annie moves to a picturesque small town for a fresh start. There, she meets Sophie, a new friend who inspires her to live unapologetically.

But soon, Annie begins to notice that the townsfolk seem a little wary of Sophie, and there are some strange things about her that make Annie question if there’s something Sophie isn’t telling her.

A Lesson in Vengeance by Victoria Lee

Genre: YA Mystery/Gothic Fantasy

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Dalloway School is a centuries-old academy in the Catskill mountains with a dark history of the occult and mysterious deaths. When Felicity Morrow returns to the school after the death of her girlfriend, she plans to jeep her head down, finish her thesis, and graduate.

But when a teenage prodigy author asks for her help in researching a certain part of the school’s history, Felicity is drawn back to the darkness she’d been trying to avoid.

The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow

The Once and Future Witches book cover

Genre: Historical/Urban Fantasy

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From the author of The Ten Thousand Doors of January comes a new historical fantasy novel set in the late 1800s, about a trio of sisters – all witches – who join the suffragist group of New Salem to fight for women’s rights. But when danger comes knocking, they’re forced to shake things up.

(Here are all of Alix E. Harrow’s fantasy books in order!).

Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin

Serpent and Dove book cover

Genre: YA Historical Fantasy/Romance

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In a world where witches are ruthlessly hunted, a runaway witch who has sworn off magic crosses paths with a dedicated witch hunter – but an unexpected trick forces them into marriage.

Her Majesty’s Royal Coven by Juno Dawson

Her Majesty's Royal Coven book cover

Genre: Urban Fantasy

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As young women, four witches took an oath to serve as part of Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Coven (in a fantastical version of England). They used their magic behind the scenes to help fix things when crises would occur.

Now, years later, they’ve moved on and grown apart. But when a powerful young warlock poses a threat, they must decide if they will band together again for the sake of justice.

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

A Discovery of Witches book cover

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Romance

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This popular fantasy romance series follows the adventures of a librarian witch and a geneticist vampire as they work together to protect a mysterious manuscript.

This series was adapted into a 3-season TV series in 2018, starring Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer. If you enjoy the books, be sure to check it out!

The Lighthouse Witches book sitting on a windowsill with mini pumpkins

Whether you’re inspired to read something eerie for spooky season or you’re looking for a cozy fiction book with witches, I hope this list of witchy books helps you decide what to pick up next. Happy reading!

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