Bookstagram Bio Ideas (to Make Your Profile Stand Out!)

Need a little inspiration for what to put in your Bookstagram bio? Here are some Bookstagram bio ideas for sharing a little bit about yourself with fellow book lovers on Instagram!

Having a solid Bookstagram bio will help you connect with more like-minded bibliophiles, as well as help you grow on Bookstagram (so you can potentially work with brands or publishers for free books!).

bookstagram bio ideas

What is a Bookstagram bio?

Your Instagram bio is your first impression on Bookstagram. (If you’re not sure what Bookstagram is, check out this post on how to start a Bookstagram first!).

Your bio is the first thing a potential follower sees (and where fellow bibliophiles can instantly spot if they have something in common with you). It’s a great way to share a little about who you are and what you care about.

It should clearly show what you’re all about. If you’re part of the Bookstagram community, make it known!

An optimized Instagram bio has six elements (which I’ve listed below). Here’s an example of mine:

Bookstagram bio example screenshot

My bio makes it clear that I love dogs and am a foodie, plus it gives some insight into my personality (by sharing my Meyers-Briggs personality type).

I’ve also included my current read (which I update often, of course!), the city where I live, a link to my blog and digital products, and a couple other helpful elements.

Now, let’s break down the different elements you can include in your bio, plus some Bookstagram bio ideas to get you inspired!

The six elements of an Instagram bio:

1. Profile Picture

First off, you’ll want to add a profile picture that stands out. This is the first thing that will catch someone’s eye!

It’s best to use a photo of yourself, but you can also use a logo or graphic that represents you if you’d prefer.

It helps to use a bright-colored or contrasting background. This makes people more likely to notice your photo and click over to your profile or view your Instagram story.

2. Name (+ optional Keyword Phrase)

Next, your name should be front and center. People connect with people, and including your name in your bio is the first step to converting a casual viewer into a follower. (No need to include your last name, unless you want to!).

In the name section, you can also add a short keyword phrase related to your account.

Why would you want to do this? Because the words in this section are searchable.

Let’s say you love both literature and tea, and you post about both often. If you put the words ‘books & tea’ in the name section, those keywords will be associated with your account.

That way, your account might show up if someone types those words into Instagram’s search bar. This is a great way to connect with people who love the same things you do!

3. Unique Description

Your description is your space to shine. It should at least include a short phrase that describes you.

Maybe you want to mention your life passions; the things that light your fire. If you’re a house plant enthusiast, shout it loud and proud!

Or, maybe you’d rather keep it light with a silly pun. Either way, your description helps you stand out. Show off that sparkling personality! And if you feel stuck, just remember: this can always change as you go.

Here are some examples of details you can add to your description:

  • Your current read
  • Your favorite authors, genres, or series
  • Your Myers-Briggs personality type (if you’re curious, I’m an INFJ)
  • Your Hogwarts house
  • A fun fact about yourself
  • Your favorite food or drink
  • A favorite quote or a mantra you live by
  • What you do for a living

Feel free to get as creative as you want here. You don’t need to follow a specific structure or include certain things just because you see others doing it. In fact, being unique will help you stand out!

4. Location

Next, you may want to add your location (city and/or country) somewhere in your description.

People love to see where you’re from, and it helps form a more personal connection. If you prefer, you can keep it simple by using a flag emoji to depict your country.

5. Website or Landing Page Link

Instagram gives you one link to share in your bio, so make it count!

You can include a link to your blog, other social media accounts, or another related website. That way, people can connect with you further.

I highly recommend using an application like Linktree (it’s free!) that allows you to link to multiple URLs.

I use Linktree so I can share blog posts, bookish products, and more. Here’s an example of what someone sees when they click on my Linktree link (in my bio):

Linktree screenshot for Instagram bio

6. Call-to-Action

Lastly, add a call-to-action! This one is optional, but it’s a great addition if you have extra space.

Asking your followers to perform an action actually makes them more likely to perform that action.

Crazy, right? 😉

Here are some examples:

  • Check out my recent blog post on _____ (point to bio link)
  • Get 10% off on [brand] with my rep code
  • Let’s be friends on Goodreads

More Bookstagram Bio Ideas

Once you’ve put together all the necessary pieces in your optimized bio, add some fun emojis!

These make a text-heavy bio look much more appealing. Plus, you can save some space by getting ideas across with emojis instead of words.

For example, use the headphones emoji to display your current audiobook read. Or, share emojis to represent each of your pets or children. You can also include the flags of all the countries you’ve lived or visited.

Lastly, if you have a business account on Instagram, be sure to add your email address. That way, brands or publishers looking to collaborate have the option to contact you via email if they don’t want to direct message you.

I hope these Bookstagram bio ideas have you inspired to make your profile shine! And if you’re looking for more Bookstagram tips, check out these related posts:

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