Leigh Bardugo Books In Order (+ New 2024 Book!)

Leigh Bardugo is a beloved fantasy author whose books appeal to both adults and young adults. Here are all of Leigh Bardugo’s books in order, organized by series (including her wildly popular Grishaverse books – the Shadow and Bone trilogy, Six of Crows series, and more).

Leigh Bardugo book in order

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Who is Leigh Bardugo?

Leigh Bardugo is a bestselling fantasy author of multiple novels and short stories, many of which take place in a world known as her ‘Grishaverse’.

Her novel Ninth House won the 2019 Goodreads Choice Award for Fantasy, and her novel Rule of Wolves earned the Goodreads Choice Award for Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction in 2021. She has also won an Inkpot Award.

Do you need to read Leigh Bardugo’s books in order?

Yes, most of Leigh Bardugo’s books should be read in chronological order, especially if they are part of a series. It’s best to start with her Shadow and Bone series before reading her Six of Crows duology, but you definitely don’t need to. You should read both of those series before you read her King of Scars series, though.

Her short stories/novellas should be read as companions to the Shadow and Bone novels as listed in the post below.

You can read her Alex Stern series at any time (I loved it and highly recommend it!), and her Wonder Woman Warbringer book is a standalone novel.

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Leigh Bardugo Books in Order

Below, I’ve listed each series by release date order (based on when the first book in the series was released).

Within each series list, I have listed the books in chronological order (not release date order).

The Shadow and Bone Trilogy

In the war-torn country of Ravka, a massive shadow teeming with dark creatures splits the land in two. When a girl discovers a long-buried power within her, she becomes Ravka’s only hope at conquering the darkness. She’s sent to the royal court to be trained as a Grisha – by their leader, the Darkling – and hone her magic. But not everything is as it seems, and her power puts a dangerous target on her back.

Shadow and Bone (#1)

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo book cover

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Release year: 2012

Seige and Storm (#2)

Siege and Storm book cover

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Release year: 2013

Ruin and Rising (#3)

Ruin and Rising book cover

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Release year: 2014

Grishaverse Novellas

Each of these stories/novellas is set in the same world as Shadow and Bone, known as the ‘Grishaverse’. They are meant as companion stories to enhance the main storyline.

The Demon in the Wood (Shadow and Bone #0)

The Demon in the Wood book cover

This is a prequel that tells the story of the Darkling’s origins. Chronologically, it’s set before the first Shadow and Bone book.

Release year: 2014

The Witch of Duva (Grishaverse #0.5)

Witch of Duva book cover

A companion folk tale (to the first Shadow and Bone novel) about the dangerous woods near Duva, where girls have been known to disappear.

Release year: 2012

The Tailor (Shadow and Bone #1.5)

The Tailor book cover

This short story offers a glimpse into the point of view of the character Genya. This should be read after the first Shadow and Bone book to avoid spoilers.

Release year: 2013

The Too-Clever Fox (Shadow and Bone #2.5)

The Too-Clever Fox book cover

This is a companion folk tale to the second book in the Shadow and Bone Trilogy (Siege and Storm).

Release year: 2013

Little Knife (Shadow and Bone #3.5)

Little Knife book cover

This is a companion folk tale to the third book in the Shadow and Bone Trilogy (Ruin and Rising).

Release year: 2014

The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales & Dangerous Magic

The Language of Thorns book cover

This short story collection is inspired by both classic fairy tales and Bardugo’s Grishaverse world. (It includes three folk tales listed above, in addition to three new stories.)

Release year: 2017

The Lives of Saints

The Lives of Saints book cover

A story collection featuring tales of saints and miracles, set in the world of the Grishaverse/Shadow and Bone trilogy.

Release year: 2020

Six of Crows

A group of skilled misfits and criminals – living in the trading hub of Ketterdam – sets out to pull off an incredible heist, and quite possibly save the world.

Six of Crows (#1)

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo book cover

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Release year: 2015

If you loved this one, here are more exciting books like Six of Crows!

Crooked Kingdom (#2)

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo book cover

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Release year: 2016

Wonder Woman: Warbringer

Wonder Woman Warbringer book cover

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This novel combines a re-imaging of Wonder Woman’s origin among the Amazon women with inspiration from Greek mythology. Princess Diana (before she becomes “Wonder Woman”) saves a descendant of Helen of Troy and sets something dangerous in motion.

Release year: 2017

King of Scars

Set in the Grishaverse, this duology is about a young king of Ravka and the perilous journey he must take to uncover hidden magic and save his country from another bloody war. (It’s best to read the Shadow and Bone trilogy and Six of Crows before reading this duology.)

King of Scars (#1)

King of Scars book cover

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Release year: 2019

Rule of Wolves (#2)

Rule of Wolves book cover

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Release year: 2021

Alex Stern

After a traumatizing incident, high school dropout Alex Stern is mysteriously offered a full ride to Yale University. In return, she’s required to join a secret society that’s in charge of keeping Yale’s other secret societies (and their occult activities) in check. But soon, she realizes there’s something dangerous and sinister at play, and it might be up to her to stop it.

(I love this series and highly recommend it! It’s so unique, with an incredible setting and characters you can’t help but love. If you loved it too, here are more dark academia books for a similar vibe!)

Ninth House (#1)

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo book cover

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Release year: 2019

Hell Bent (#2)

Hell Bent book cover

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Release year: 2023

The Familiar (new book coming in 2024!)

Leigh Bardugo’s newest book is a historical fantasy novel set during the Spanish Golden Age (and the Inquisition). A young servant woman working at a shabby house in Madrid is discovered to have magical powers – and is forced to use those powers to raise the family’s social status.

But soon, she attracts the attention of someone dangerous – and she’ll need the help of an immortal ‘familiar’ if she has any hope of surviving.

The Familiar book cover

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Release date: April 9th, 2024

For more exciting new releases, check out this post of the most-anticipated fall 2023 fantasy and science fiction books!

Short Story/Multi-Author Collections

In addition to her novels, Leigh Bardugo has contributed to many multi-author short story collections. Here are the most popular collections, in order of publication:

  • Slasher Girls & Monster Boys (2015)
  • Summer Days and Summer Nights: Twelve Love Stories (2016)
  • Marple: Twelve New Mysteries (2022)

Have any of Leigh Bardugo’s books been made into movies or TV adaptations?

Yes! Netflix adapted a combination of her Shadow and Bone series and her Six of Crows series into a TV show titled Shadow and Bone. Locations, plot points, and characters from both series appear in the show. Season 1 was released in 2021, and Season 2 was released in early 2023.

Her book Ninth House is also set to be adapted into a TV show by Amazon Studios. Leigh Bardugo will be an executive producer for the show. A pilot has been filmed for the show, but there is no news yet as to the cast or release date.

If you haven’t read Leigh Bardugo yet, I hope this list of Leigh Bardugo books in order helps you figure out where you want to start. I love her Alex Stern series, and my husband and I both really enjoyed Six of Crows!

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