Aardvark Book Club Subscription: What It Is (& Should You Join?)

As someone who reads a lot, I’m always on the lookout for book-buying deals – including book subscription boxes. Aardvark Book Club is a newer book subscription service (similar to Book of the Month) that’s been gaining popularity lately. If you’re wondering if it’s a good fit for you, I’m sharing everything I’ve learned about it below (and my thoughts after trying it out)!

(This is not a sponsored post. I chose to subscribe to Aardvark on my own and I’m sharing my personal experience below.)

colorful Aardvark Book Club box with a hardcover book and bookmark inside next to a houseplant

What is Aardvark Book Club?

Aardvark Book Club is a book subscription service, similar to Book of the Month, that allows members to purchase one or more hand-selected books each month at a lower price than a typical new hardcover.

It was founded in 2022, and is a Canadian-based service (but they also ship to the United States, which is where I live).

I’ve been a member of Book of the Month for years (and I love it!), but when I heard there was a new book subscription with similar pricing, I had to try it out!

How does it work?

Each month, the Aardvark team hand-picks a selection of 4-5 hardcover books – in a variety of genres – for members to choose from.

These books are typically offered at a lower price than if you bought a brand new hardcover from the store or online.

As a member, you can select one book (from that month’s new book picks) with your monthly credit, and up to two add-on books (from previous months) for an even lower price per book. Then, Aardvark ships your books to you. Simple as that!

Aardvark Book Club has an app (similar to the Book of the Month app) where you can easily select your books, track your purchases, skip or cancel your subscription, and even discuss the books with other members.

To sign up, all you need to do is create an account and enter your payment details. Then, you can select your books for that month, and they’ll be shipped right to your door!

colorful Aardvark Book Club box sitting on a white marble side table next to a houseplant

How much does Aardvark cost?

For members in the United States, Aardvark is $17.99 per month (which gets you 1 credit to spend on a book). Additional add-ons are $9.99 per book. And shipping is free!

(For Canadian members, Aardvark costs $25.99 CAD per month, and $13.99 CAD for each add-on book.)

It’s an automatic charge, but you can skip any month you want (after your initial signup month/first billing cycle) and save that credit to use the next month. Just be sure to do it before the 15th of the month, so you won’t be charged for the next month.

Which types of books do they offer?

As for their book selection, Aardvark typically focuses on a variety of fiction genres, with an occasional memoir or non-fiction book. I’ve seen a fair amount of:

  • contemporary fiction
  • literary fiction
  • mystery/thriller
  • romance
  • historical fiction
  • fantasy/science fiction
  • horror

But, that isn’t all-inclusive. They occasionally offer other book genres, too. And, from what I’ve seen, it seems like Aardvark offers mainly adult books.

Their monthly picks also tend to include mix of popular and debut authors, and many are new releases.

screenshot of Aardvark book club app home screen with book covers

When are new book selections released?

Aardvark Book Club’s book selections are typically released at the beginning of each month.

If you’re a member, you should also get an email reminder when the new picks are released, so you’ll know to go check them out.

Aardvark Book Club vs. Book of the Month

Book of the Month and Aardvark Book Club are quite similar in many ways, such as:

  • easy-to-use app
  • ability to skip each month
  • similar price (for monthly credit & add-ons)
  • allows shipping to United States and Canada
  • similar genre variety
  • referral programs for free credits when friends/family sign up (though Aardvark’s is not yet built into the app – you have to send them an email)

Here’s how they’re different:

  • Aardvark only offers hardcover books (BOTM also offers audiobooks)
  • Aardvark focuses mainly on adult books (BOTM offers some YA titles)
  • community aspect (Aardvark’s app has a discussion area, whereas BOTM doesn’t currently)
  • Aardvark seems to offer lesser-known books compared to BOTM (not a bad thing!), but they do usually include some buzzy/popular books too
  • BOTM has special perks for long-term members (“BFF Status”)

When deciding which subscription service to use, I think it really comes down to your taste in books. If you’re looking for the most buzz-worthy, well-known books out there, BOTM is probably more likely to have those (but not always!).

If you want to try something a little different or unique, Aardvark is a great option. They’re also a much newer company than BOTM, so they’re still working on building out more perks and functionality!

colorful Aardvark Book Club box with a hardcover book and bookmark inside next to a houseplant

My Thoughts on Aardvark Book Club

So far, I’m happy with the service! My order was shipped quickly, and I received my book in great condition (along with a cute bookmark).

The sign-up and book selection process was simple, as well. Plus, their app is really cool and fun to use!

When I first joined Aardvark, I felt that Book of the Month offered more books that I wanted to read overall (based on Goodreads ratings/reviews). But that’s changing – Aardvark has had some amazing picks lately! Plus, Aardvark has a good variety of books with unique premises and reads you might not have heard about.

The fact that you can easily skip any month (after the first billing cycle) is also a perk. That way, you can easily switch between BOTM and Aardvark if you want more book choices each month!

I hope you found this guide helpful! What about you: have you tried Aardvark Book Club yet?

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