Perfect Bookish Christmas Ornaments for Bibliophiles

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is gifting (and receiving) thoughtful ornaments each year, and bookish ornaments are definitely at the top of the list for me!

Whether you’re looking to decorate your Christmas tree with a literary flair this year or you’re searching for a beautiful ornament to gift, I’m sharing the best book-inspired ornaments I’ve found below.

bookish Christmas ornaments

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Fun Christmas Ornaments for Book Lovers

From handmade glass-blown ornaments to rustic raw wood ornaments, these are all perfect for the reader in your life.

I’ve included a mix of classic bookish ornaments and decor inspired by popular fandoms like Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Harry Potter. There’s something for everyone!

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1. Game of Thrones Sword Throne

I bought this ornament for my husband a few Christmases ago, because we’re both big Game of Thrones fans. It’s awesome, and we use it every year!

My only caveat: the tiny swords on top are fragile, so be sure to wrap it well in bubble wrap (or something similar) and store it carefully.

2. Book Stack Ornament

A classic book stack is always a good choice for a literary-inspired Christmas ornament!

The first option is more generic (without titles/authors), but is colorful, shiny, and glittery.

The other option is a little more subdued, style-wise. It’s made of glass and features works by Jane Austen in the likeness of vintage leather-bound editions.

3. Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments

Harry Potter fans will love these fun bookish ornaments!

From a book stack that recreates the covers of some of the original Harry Potter books to a Marauder’s Map resin ornament, these would be a magical addition to any Christmas tree.

Plus, they would make a great gift for any fellow HP lover in your life! I have a similar version of the golden snitch ornament, and it’s one of my favorites.

4. Banned Books Ornament

Show your support against banning books with this beautiful circular ornament!

It features illustrated book spines of banned books, including Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye and Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time.

5. Lord of the Rings Christmas Ornaments

Wooden ornaments can be just as beautiful as glass or ceramic ones, and they don’t break as easily!

If you’re a fan of LOTR and/or J.R.R. Tolkien, these are a must for your Christmas tree. 🙂

6. “Merry Bookmas” Ornament

This fun and colorful “Merry Bookmas” aluminum ornament is super lightweight – especially perfect for your fireplace mantel or for decorating smaller, less sturdy trees.

7. Miniature Glass-Blown Little Free Library

Owners of Little Free Libraries (or anyone who loves books, really) will love this adorable, glass-blown LFL ornament! It’s hand-crafted and adorned with glitter.

8. Glass-Blown Night Before Christmas Book

This gorgeous hand-painted and glittered ornament shows off one of the most classic Christmas stories of all time!

It’s three-dimensional, too, with both the book cover and the book pages decorated.

9. Library Book “Due Date” Ornaments

Library lovers, this one’s for you! Show off your love for the library with these vintage-style library due date star ornaments.

Whatever your decor style, I hope you find a new bookish Christmas ornament you love! Happy holidays. 🙂

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