2024 Reading Challenge with Printable PDF (Backlist or Not!)

At the beginning of each year, I like to sit down and reflect on what I want my upcoming year to look like. For me, a big part of that involves books and reading – because it’s a huge part of my life! I always get excited about trying new bookish endeavors or reading challenges. So this year, I decided to make my own 2024 reading challenge (and, of course, share it with you!).

Reader Haven 2024 reading challenge printable checklist

Bookish Reading Challenge for 2024

I put together a series of 30 prompts for this reading challenge, to inspire you to pick up a variety of books this year. (You’ll find a list of the prompts below, plus a printable PDF checklist.)

You can choose to follow them all, or just some – it’s totally up to you!

When it comes to reading challenges, I like to stay flexible. Rigid rules can take the fun out of reading, and no one wants that.

This challenge is flexible enough for plenty of mood reading, while also encouraging you to read more books. It’s the best of both worlds!

The books can be read at any time during the year. You can even set up your own personal cozy read-a-thon to knock out multiple books at once.

Looking for more reading inspiration? Here are some ideas for setting a reading goal (and crushing it)!

How does it work?

Each prompt should correspond to a book of your choice. Check off each prompt as you read. It’s that simple!

While I personally will be focusing on reading mostly backlist (already owned) books that fit the prompts, you’re welcome to read a combination of new, used, ARC books, or whatever you prefer.

Feel free to also use a single book to satisfy multiple prompts. (I told you it was flexible!). 🙂

2024 Reading Challenge Prompts

Here are the prompts (or categories/themes) to follow for this challenge. You can also print this PDF version of the 2024 reading challenge checklist.

Read a book that(s)…

  • been on your TBR list for 5+ years
  • recommended by a friend
  • not your typical reading genre
  • seasonal or holiday-themed
  • by an author you love
  • by an author you‘ve never read
  • won a literary prize
  • set during a historical time period you don’t know much about
  • set at sea
  • set in a hotel or school
  • was gifted to you
  • set during winter (or has snow on the cover)
  • set during summer (or has a beach on the cover)
  • has a movie or TV adaptation
  • gives you cozy vibes
  • gives you spooky vibes
  • published before 1960
  • published before 1980
  • published before 2005
  • published last year (2023)
  • written by someone from a different culture than you
  • has a multi-colored cover
  • a retelling of a fairy tale, myth, or classic novel
  • a short story collection/anthology
  • part of a series
  • has 300,000+ Goodreads ratings
  • has >20,000 Goodreads ratings
  • less than 250 pages
  • more than 500 pages
  • set in a country you’ve never been to
Reader Haven 2024 reading challenge checklist

I’d love to hear about your progress – feel free to comment below, or reach out on Instagram (my handle is @reader.haven) and let me know how it’s going!

Enjoy, and happy reading. 🙂

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