29 Awesome Bookish Shops You Should Know About

One of the MANY perks of the Bookstagram community: discovering all the fabulous small bookish shops.

There are so many creative artists & product designers who are ALSO bibliophiles! They sell anything from candles to bookmarks to apparel to enamel pins (and beyond).

Some even cater so specific genres, creating products for horror fans or children’s books.

There’s nothing like finding that perfect gift for a fellow book lover, or treating yourself to some merch from your favorite fandom or classic novel. It just warms your book-loving heart. (And, I don’t know about you, but I love collecting merch of my favorite characters!)

Art prints in particular are perfect for decorating the walls of your home library or reading nook.

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite bookish shops on Instagram. Feel free to check them out!

29 bookish shops on Instagram you should know about

Bookish Shops on Bookstagram

  • Web & Moss
  • Quaint Pin Hoops
  • A Stranger Dream
  • Bookish Star Designs
  • Bookmarks by Faye
  • Alchemy & Ink
  • Wick & Jane
  • Lo Art Co
  • Wick & Whimsy
  • Bibliophile Prints
  • Book Besties UK
  • Dust & Pages
  • Lapels & Spells
  • Cara Kozik (Brown)
  • Yoshi Bags
  • Tookish Candle Co
  • Fox & Wit
  • Nerdy Post
  • Novel Nuzzler
  • The Bookish Den
  • Beardly Designs
  • Book Art Bookmarks
  • Wick Wish Candle Co
  • Flick the Wick
  • Totally Wicked Candles
  • The Story Gift
  • Created by Rae
  • Legend and Flame

I hope you enjoy browsing through these fabulous shops! They’re all incredibly creative and put so much love and attention into their products.

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