Earn by sharing about our Bookstagram eBook or Bookstagram Planner!

Are you a bookstagrammer or book blogger who loves to share great products with your audience? If so, the Reader Haven Affiliate Program might be perfect for you.

If you enjoyed our Bookstagram eBook and/or Bookstagram Planner, you can share them with your audience and earn 25% of the profits each time someone makes a purchase through your link!

To join the affiliate program, please send me an email at contact[at]readerhaven.com with your name, a link to your Instagram and/or blog, and the state you live in. (Please note: because of how affiliate payments are made, affiliates must be U.S. residents.)

How it Works

1. Join: Once you send me your email, I will send an invite link to the affiliate program via SendOwl. To join, you must first create a free account with SendOwl.

2. Share: Share your unique affiliate link with your audience. (Be sure to disclose that you’re an affiliate.)

3. Earn: Earn a 25% commission each time someone purchases the Bookstagram eBook or Bookstagram Planner using your link. (See specific details on how the tracking works below).

4. Get Paid: You’ll receive your earnings via PayPal at the beginning of each month.


How are sales tracked?

All sales are tracked through the unique affiliate link that you can find in your SendOwl affiliate account. You must use that link in order to earn a commission.

How do I track what I’ve earned?

Every time you earn a commission you will receive an email. To track your commissions, please visit your SendOwl dashboard.

If the product is temporarily discounted (for example, if there’s a flash sale) and someone makes a purchase through your link during that sale, your earnings will be 25% of the discounted price.

Cookies are valid for one month after someone clicks on your affiliate link. That means you will still earn a commission if someone purchases through your link a few days or weeks after they first clicked the link.

When and how do I get paid?

You get paid at the beginning of each month for all the sales you referred in the past 30 days.

Payments are issued directly to your Paypal account. (Don’t forget to input your PayPal email address into your SendOwl account in Settings once you register.)

Due to the way affiliate payments are made, affiliates must be U.S. residents.

Do I need to purchase each product before I join the program?

I strongly believe that in order to successfully promote a product, you should be familiar with it. Sharing your own experience with the product (what you learned from it, how it helped you) shows that you’re trustworthy and increases your conversion rates.

But no, it’s not required to buy anything in order to be accepted into the program.

Am I allowed to use my own affiliate link to purchase the products?

No, you’re not allowed to purchase the products via your own affiliate link for the purpose of earning a commission or getting a discount. Trying to do this will get you banned from the affiliate program. However, if you accidentally purchased the ebook or planner via your affiliate link, please let me know.