White Fox by Sara Faring (Book Review)

When I read the premise for White Fox by Sara Faring, I was intrigued! I’m a sucker for a unique setting, and I love mysteries.

The story centers around two sisters who return to the lush Mediterranean-esque island and ancestral mansion where they grew up. Manon (Noni) is the oldest, a quiet aspiring writer. Thais (Tai), the youngest, is stunningly beautiful and social media-obsessed.

They’re called back to attend a gala honoring their mother, a world-famous movie star who disappeared a decade earlier. The girls are determined to figure out what really happened to her.

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White Fox by Sara Faring book review

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White Fox by Sara Faring: My Thoughts

I really enjoyed the feeling I got while reading this story – it was an absorbing experience. It drips with ethereal atmosphere, between the ominous forest, the luxurious city center, and the dilapidated mansion. (Though sometimes I felt there was a little too much description, which could be distracting at times).

The ‘White Fox’ manuscript, written by the girls’ mother before she mysteriously vanished, was a fascinating parallel to the story (and the mystery at its core). I really enjoyed how the island’s folklore was woven into the story, too.

I do think this could have been stronger if it was a bit shorter. It took a while to get to the meat of the story, and there were a lot of side characters/storylines to keep track of. But overall, I enjoyed it! So unique and imaginative, especially that setting.

Rating: 3.75 (out of 5) stars

Release date: September 22nd, 2020

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White Fox Book Review

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