The Project by Courtney Summers (Book Review)

The Project by Courtney Summers is on many of the ‘most-anticipated books of 2021’ lists I’ve seen, so I did a happy dance when a review copy showed up on my doorstep!

Lo Denham, an aspiring journalist, hasn’t spoken to her sister Bea in years – ever since an accident that claimed their parents lives. At the time, Bea joined a group called The Project. Some say it’s a cult, others say it’s just a group of people trying to make the world a better place. But when Lo comes across a man who swears The Project had a hand in his son’s death, Lo decides it’s time to find the truth – and her sister.

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The Project by Courtney Summers book review

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The Project by Courtney Summers: My Thoughts

The Project is a slow burn, but with plenty of tension. Essentially, it’s a character study of two sisters after a tragic accident. We see how they attempt to cope with the trauma, including one of the sisters joining what might be a cult.

The narrative slips back and forth in time as we see their different (yet intertwining) paths unfold, as the younger sister tries to find the truth about ‘The Project’ – the secretive group her sister joined years ago.

Cults and their magnetic leaders are a fascinating topic, so I was drawn to this story. And it didn’t disappoint! While I wouldn’t say The Project is a wildly suspenseful thriller, it is compelling and emotional.

It ends in a breathless conclusion that’s a bit rushed, but feels satisfying nonetheless. It’s easy to read, with short, snappy chapters and an investigative feel to it.

Overall, I enjoyed this one! It’s a well-written story about trauma, ideology, and the need to belong.

Rating: 4 (out of 5) stars

Release date: February 2nd, 2021

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The Project by Courtney Summers book review

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