The Memory Collectors by Kim Neville (Book Review)

I was fascinated by the concept of The Memory Collectors by Kim Neville. Such a cool idea, and I’m a big fan of stories with magical realism.

Evelyn has a unique ability: she can feel emotions that have been imprinted on objects by their previous owners. But she knows it can be dangerous, because her father had it too, and it tore apart her family when she was a girl. When she finds another woman with the same ability, it forces Ev to come to terms with her life, her ability, and her future.

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The Memory Collectors by Kim Neville book review

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The Memory Collectors by Kim Neville: My Thoughts

I have some mixed thoughts on this one. Let’s start with the good: I felt for the main character, Evelyn. She had been through a LOT, so it was totally understandable that she retreated into herself. I was rooting for her the whole way.

This story had a fascinating magical realism concept. The idea that certain objects can have imprints of feelings left behind by their previous owners is genius, and liked how it played a big part in bringing the characters together and driving the plot.

And now, what I didn’t like as much: It was longer than I felt was necessary. Some parts felt repetitive or circular, and a few of the characters bothered me. (But that may have been intentional).

Also, there were so many secrets each character was hiding (which definitely adds to the tension), but it took so long for them to be revealed that it became a little frustrating. Maybe I’m just impatient. ?

Overall, I‘m glad I read this one – it was peppered with moments of beauty and human connection. But sadly, I didn’t quite love it as much as I hoped I would. I know others have loved it, though, so be sure to check out other reviews too!

Rating: 3.25 (out of 5) stars

Release date: March 16th, 2021

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The Memory Collectors by Kim Neville book review

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