Sisters by Daisy Johnson (Book Review)

Somehow, I’ve been reading a lot of eerie books about sisters lately. Fortunately, Sisters by Daisy Johnson held its own with a fresh and twisted story!

It follows two sisters who move into an old, ramshackle house with their mother after an incident at school. The sisters are very close. From the moment you start reading, you know something’s not quite right.

*I received this book for free from the publisher (Riverhead Books) in exchange for an honest review.

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book cover: sisters by daisy johnson

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Sisters by Daisy Johnson: My Thoughts

First things first: this cover is so trippy and I am here for it! Matches so well with the story.

This is one of those books that really seeps into your pores. It was deeply psychological and often unsettling (in the best way!).

The writing was poetic and dreamlike and eerie. I loved that while the story focused on the sisters’ fascinating & codependent relationship, it also had a mystery at its core.

The dreary English seaside setting felt so real, I had to remind myself that it’s summer here in Texas, and I don’t actually need to wrap myself in a sweater! And the Setting House, where the sisters (September and July) and their mother lived, was a character in itself.

Highly recommended if you like:

  • strange family dynamics
  • uniquely structured stories
  • beautiful, absorbing writing
  • literary suspense
  • Shirley Jackson

Rating: 4.25 (out of 5) stars

(Publication date: August 25th, 2020)

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sisters by daisy johnson book review

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