People Like Her by Ellery Lloyd (Book Review)

Social media has become a recurring theme in fiction lately, and for good reason. When I picked up People Like Her by Ellery Lloyd, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into – but I was definitely along for the ride!

Emmy Jackson is an uber-popular ‘Instamum’, a social media influencer who shares content on motherhood, womanhood, and family life. With over 1 million followers, her life seems permanently linked to the ‘gram. She and her husband, Dan, try to be as safe as they can about maintaining at least a tiny semblance of privacy. But as Emmy’s success continues to grow, she doesn’t realize how vulnerable she and her family might be.

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People Like Her by Ellery Lloyd book review

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People Like Her by Ellery Lloyd: My Thoughts

People Like Her focuses on themes like social media, privacy, marriage, and motherhood, all in a very seamless way.

I loved the writing style here. It’s the kind of style that draws you in no matter what the topic is. I’m sure it takes a lot of work for writing to feel effortless and easy to read, while still managing to surprise and enthrall you.

Many of the characters in this story weren’t necessarily likeable, but they were all interesting (which I think emphasizes the skill of the authors). The characters’ thoughts and stories had me glued to the page, even as someone who doesn’t have children.

Parts of the story need to be taken with a grain of salt. There are some morally questionable and downright awful things that happen in this book. (If you’re a sensitive reader, I recommend checking the trigger warnings before going into this.) Rating this book highly does not mean I’m condoning the characters’ actions. But I think this book opens up a fascinating dialogue about social media in the influencer age.

Overall, this is an engrossing thriller that takes a hard look at the dark side of social media. Definitely recommended!

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5) stars

Release date: January 12th, 2021

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People Like Her book review

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