Hadley & Grace by Suzanne Redfearn (Book Review)

Hadley & Grace by Suzanne Redfearn is toted as a modern-day Thelma and Louise with lots of heart. As a big fan of cross-country road trip stories, this one definitely caught my eye!

During a small window of opportunity, Hadley Torrelli decides to flee her abusive husband, Frank, with her children in tow. At the same time, new mother Grace, who happens to be Frank’s assistant, is desperate for a fresh start. Chance brings them together, and they find themselves driving cross-country while on the run.

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Hadley & Grace by Suzanne Redfearn book review

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Hadley & Grace by Suzanne Redfearn: My Thoughts

First, I have to admit: I haven’t actually seen Thelma and Louise. But you can bet I’ll definitely be watching it now that I’ve read and enjoyed this book!

This was heartwarming and fierce at the same time, with protagonists you can get behind and absolutely loveable characters. Skipper and Mattie were my favorites!

One of my favorite themes in fiction is friendship and human connection. And this story had that in spades. I especially loved the women supporting women aspect – I feel like we don’t see that enough in fiction (or even in real life!).

I love a good road trip tale, and this one definitely delivered. From deserts to small towns to big cities, Hadley and Grace (along with their children) take the reader on one wild and emotional ride.

Overall, a sweet and thrilling story in equal measure. Definitely recommended!

Rating: 4.25 (out of 5) stars

Release date: February 1st, 2021

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Hadley & Grace by Suzanne Redfearn book review

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