Do No Harm by Christina McDonald (Book Review)

As a self-professed thriller fanatic, I was so excited to see Do No Harm by Christina McDonald arrive on my doorstep! Early buzz for this book has been glowing, and I couldn’t wait to read it for myself.

Emma, a primary care physician, and her husband Nick, a detective, live with their young son, Josh. When Josh is diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, they realize they don’t have the money to pay for treatment. In desperation, Emma turns to selling prescription drugs in order to raise the money – but just how far will she go?

*I received this book for free from the publisher (Gallery Books) in exchange for an honest review.

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Do No Harm by Christina McDonald book review

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Do No Harm by Christina McDonald: My Thoughts

This is the type of thriller you can’t help but get emotionally invested in. It treads a slippery slope of what’s considered moral, asking the question: how far would a mother go to save her son?

Some parts were a little far-fetched, but I really enjoyed the large cast of characters and all the twists along the way. The tension just keeps building – especially with a cat and mouse chase between wife and unsuspecting husband. You’ll definitely be glued to the page! But you’ll also feel conflicted about some characters’ actions – that’s kind of the point of the story.

Overall, Do No Harm is an emotional, character-driven, action-packed thriller. Definitely recommended!

Rating: 4.25 (out of 5) stars

Release date: February 16th, 2021

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Do No Harm by Christina McDonald book review

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